The Art of Drumming

Instructor: Bobby Henderson
This lesson plan is designed to teach students from the age 10 and up; beginner to advance; the essentials to become a functional drummer.

Required materials to begin: Drum sticks, snare drum or practice pad. Subjects covered:

  •   History of drumming
  •   Hand techniques
  •   Posture
  •   Foot techniques
  •   Coordinated Independence
  •   Basic music theory
  •   Basic drum rudiments
  •   Grooves and styles
  •   Hi-hat techniques
  •   Independent practice

Students will be encouraged to perform a recital upon the completion of all lessons.

Class Schedule: Tuesdays 4:45pm – 6:15pm

Special Rate: $75 per month / Standard Rate: $90 per month

Class Length: 12 weeks beginning Feb. 3rd

Private Lessons available per request.

*Enroll in our Fine Arts Afterschool Program and take advantage of this class at a discounted rate.


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