Beyond Exploration Planet Science Camp

CAPTIVATE young explorers in the areas of science and mathematics through hands-on / minds-on exploratory experiences. CHALLENGE through curriculum that allows children to be innovative, inventive, and creative in a non-threatening environment. ENCOURAGE collaboration and expression in leadership that builds-self esteem and confidence while learning through...Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Experiences. Science Logo

Science & Technology Camp

AGES: 7 - 14

COST: $225 Full Day per week




WEEK ONE: May 28th - June 1st TOKEN VIDEO GAME STARTERS - OPEN Have a camper into video games or computers? This camp is perfect for the video techies with a twist! Campers will be introduced to basic game designs, daily video game activities that relate to every day life & cash in their tokens to reveal secrets of the monetary system. Concentration: Technology & Math. Campers Kit Fee: $15   WEEK TWO: June 4th - June 8th EPIC ENGINEERS: TRACK MAKERS & RACERS - OPEN Is there such a thing as a driverless car? What really makes a track fast? Is it that favorite Nascar driver or specifically designed Nike shoe for runners? Be the first to design a funky, futuristic car or perhaps the fastest running shoe of all time. Concentration: Engineering & Science. Campers Kit Fee: $15   WEEK THREE: June 11th - June 15th THE GREAT INVENTORS - OPEN Make. Create. Innovate a whole new world of creation and design. How did you come up with that? Campers will think like an inventor and engage in several hands-on challenges as they brain storm their way out of the inventor's maze to become that Great Inventor! Creative thinking is a must in this camp! Concentration: Engineering & Science. Campers Kit Fee: $15   WEEK FOUR: June 18th - June 22ndOPEN THE CHEMICAL EFFECTORS Don't just think about it? Mix it...Test it...Watch It EXPLODE! Ever wonder what makes your soft drink FIZZLE, your pop corn POP or green slime so GOOEY? Do you know what chemicals is a part of our daily lives? We are ready to bring out the mad scientist in you! Campers...grab your thinking caps, put on your lab coats, and be prepared for this messy hands-on experimental camp! Concentration: Chemistry. Campers Kit Fee: $15   WEEK FIVE: June 25th - June 29thOPEN ROBOT BRAINERS When you think of robots, does The Terminator or I, Robot come to mind? Do we give enough recognition for the robot that performs surgery and help save human lives or perhaps one that vacuums our dirty floor? Become the brain of the robot and program a future robot that will save time and our universe. Concentration: Engineering, Science, & Technology. Campers Kit Fee: $25   WEEK SIX: July 2nd - July 6th  SPACE RACERS & ROCKET CHASERSOPEN 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1... Now blast off into some galaxy fun! Be the first to design and launch your rocket high into the sky to explore beyond the earth and into our solar system planetarium. Concentration: Science, Engineering, & Physics. Campers Kit Fee: $15   WEEK SEVEN: July 9th - July 13th ALL FOR ONE: BEYOND CAMP EXPERIENCE OPEN Experience the most popular themes of our camp, all is just one week! Full day packed with EXPLORE-A-MAZING Fun INVENTIONS, EXPERIMENTS, CHEMICAL EXPLOSIVES, BRAIN CHALLENGES & MORE! Add becoming an Epic Engineer, Racer, Great Inventor, Math Magician, or Chemical Effector to your summer "to-do" list . Concentration: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Campers Kit Fee: $50   WEEK EIGHT: July 16th - July 20th- OPEN ROBOT BRAINERS II It's time to think like a robot. This camp continues with more brain challenges and opportunities to program more future robots that will save time, energy, money, & resources. Concentration: Engineering, Science, & Technology. Campers Kit Fee: $25   WEEK NINE: July 23rd - July 27th TOKEN VIDEO GAME STARTERS II LET THE GAMES BEGIN! You have now advanced to the next stage level of our video game challenges! Be prepared to venture Beyond the Time and defeat the first invented games ever as you make your way through time to reach the modern day time of game challenges. But be careful! Don't let the math jugglers or brain teasers...get in your way!  Concentration: Technology & Math. Campers Kit Fee: $15   WEEK TEN: July 30th - August 3rd FOREN-SIC SCIENTISTS vs SECRET EYE-SPY AGENTS Trace evidence under a microscope to find out who's DNA is it anyway? But wait! Do we need the help of the forensic scientist, secret agent or both ? Well.....I-DECLARE-WAR! Let's step into the zone of the unknown to solve mysteries to capture the bad guys.  Learn forensic techniques such as fingerprinting, dissecting, analyzing to resolve scientifically in the lab while handling secret codes and special tactics on the field . Concentration: Science & Physics. Campers Kit Fee: $15

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