“Studio-B is a great place to have an event. I had my ministry conference there, and everyone were pleased. It is clean, nice, spacious, and it is located in an easy to find location, with plenty of parking space for your quests.  I have recommended Studio-B to many of my friends, and family members, and I am recommending it to you. To me, it's an epic place for your next event.” Minister Sebe Dalieh of Winning Women Ministries “What I liked most about (Clay from the Potter )was the feeling of "liberty" to pray and joyfully cry-out to God, and coming together in fellowship with beautiful women. In addition, I liked that although we all came from a different walk of life, we all have a common foundation - genuine love, faith, and belief in God. It became very-clear to me that its okay to feel broken (shattered) as these are the working pieces that molds me into a stronger woman of faith.  I also learned that I cannot fix everything and everyone's problems, but God can. Therefore, I completely trust Him! To me, the (Clay from the Potter) event was perfect!” “I’m so proud of you Shantelle and what you are doing with your business. God is opening up more doors for you. God said He will not withhold any good thing from you. Stand on His word.” Naomi B. “The affair (Clay from the Potter) was wonderful! I like to indulge in things like that. The atmosphere was a good place to have the event. The message was very profound. I’m so glad they started out in worship. The theme of the message itself stood out. (the Potter portion) – God is the Potter and He is shaping us into what we need to be. Everything was wonderful! – A wonderful experience!” Natalie W. "I had never been to anything like that (Clay from the Potter). It was good, especially for African-American women. I really liked the praying part & the way everyone got up and spoke about herself. - Once you get info about someone's background, you know how to approach a person. Putting pieces back together stood out. (regarding the message) So many go though different things in their lives, like down points, but it helps to have a little kick in the butt to help me keep going & let me know I can do it." - D. Knaff “I liked it (Clay from the Potter) because it was religious-based. It made it more something people could identify with, no matter what their religious beliefs. There was a good exchange of ideas and faith. Everyone brought so much to the table regarding plans for the future and there was good camaraderie. I like the ministers too. They are very, very good. I can tell they have ministered to a lot of people by the space they put out.” Peggy B. “Seeing all the ladies, seated, radiant & eager to participate in the evening’s event (Clay from the Potter) really gave me an additional boost of energy and warmed my heart! There was so much love, power, talent and testimony in that room, it was amazing! I was strengthened in my faith to continue doing those things which will help recover my son and other children. I am in awe of that night and glad you were refreshed too, Shantelle! I am blessed by the opportunity to work with you & look forward to future endeavors! This song sums up how I felt after the event.” – “Amazing” by Hezekiah Walker. Maria M. “I can appreciate the going-with-the-flowness of the evening at (Clay from the Potter)” A. Moore “I experienced a right place at the right time. I had a word confirmed to me by God and I was obedient to follow His instructions. As an art coach, I enjoy helping others. This is my passion for life! Artist Spencer “I love it! It was clean & classy entertainment!” Terrian W. “Wake up Paulding, Douglas, and Cobb County!!! - Studio B is thel place to get away and get creative!!! From kids transportation, to science, and performing arts --- to get away events and socializing for parents definitely want check them out whenever you're in the area.” T. Rogers